The Skin and Wound Management Course is taught in a fun, relaxed and professional environment. The classes are upbeat, positive, engaging and high energy. Instructors are dynamic presenters who use lots of visuals, a variety of learning styles, interesting examples and humor as part of their instruction styles. We promise you won't be bored.

Eligibility for Certification
Applicants for the CWCMS™ Certification must meet all of the following criteria: 

1. Verified current or past employment in a wound care industry related sales position.*
2. Complete application for WCEI "Certified Wound Care Market Specialist" Course
3. Attend the WCEI Skin and Wound Management Course. (full attendance required)
4. Complete the WCEI Certified Wound Care Market Specialist online training module.
5. Agree to follow CWCMS™ Code of Ethics.
6. Receive passing score of 85% on the CWCMS™ Examination.
7. Payment of required fees.
*Wound Care Industry includes but not limited to: Companies/Business/Individuals that provide products, research, equipment, services, and adjunctive therapies to consumers or healthcare providers for the purpose of skin and/or wound management. If no experience or current employment in the wound care industry, applicant must provide a minimum of 3 references. (Professional, Academic, Colleagues, or Customer)

For detailed information on this course and the CWCMS credential including fees, click here to view and download the CWCMS certification handbook and application

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Contact: Mike Grivas, CWCMS, VP Business Development
Wound Care Education Institute
Phone: 1-877-462-9234
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