The purpose of the certification credential is to raise the professional standards of the wound care sales industry by giving special acknowledgment and recognition of a sales professional’s body of knowledge in the area of skin and wound care management; to promote consumer protection and to confer peer and public recognition to those individuals who have demonstrated a high level of technical competence, ethical responsibilities, and knowledge of the skills and standards of practice  in the wound care industry. 

To achieve the CWCMS™ credential, candidates must satisfy all educational requirements and must demonstrate valid level of understanding and knowledge of skin and wound care management by achieving a passing score on the Certified Wound Care Market Specialist certification examination.  A credential is awarded for a five (5) year period. Upon expiration of the credentialing term, certificants are required to re-certify with WCEI to maintain their credential.

Role of CWCMS™
The CWCMS™ provides products and/or services that assist the consumer in the management and treatment of the skin, acute and/or chronic wounds. The CWCMS™ plays an important supportive role to the health care provider through education and resources for optimum patient outcomes in skin and wound care management. 

Skin and Wound Management is a specialized area that focuses on overall skin care and promotion of an optimal wound environment, including prevention, therapeutic interventions and rehabilitative interventions.

Skin and Wound Management requires the skills of the interdisciplinary team that includes the physician, nurses, WCC®, CWCMS™, dietitian, physical therapist, occupational therapist, social workers, and other health care disciplines or providers depending upon each individual patient assessment.

Earning the CWCMS™ certification offers many advantages and benefits:
•   Demonstrates to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff  and investors support of wound
    care industry best practices
•   Demonstrates a solid commitment to the wound care industry, and a determination to
    acquire best practices and advanced skills.
•   Adds an independent 3rd-party professional recognition and validation of competency
•   Mark of accomplishment and facilitates acceptance from industry and peers by providing
    a measure of status and credibility
•   Demonstrates dedication to career-long enhancement of knowledge and skills by keeping
    up with developments in the wound care industry
•   Competitive edge
•   Gain insight into the world of clinical wound care
•   The opportunity to make contact with over 7000 healthcare professionals who have gone
     through WCEI's wound care course

The Skin and Wound Management Course is taught in a fun, relaxed and professional environment.  The classes are upbeat, positive, high energy and designed specifically for health care professionals. Classes are interactive to maintain participants’ energy and interest levels; and all of the instructors are dynamic presenters who use lots of visuals, a variety of learning styles, interesting examples and humor as part of their instruction styles.  We promise you won’t be bored.

Pre-requisite Online Training Module
The WCEI Certified Wound Care Market Specialist online training program is a self-paced training module that takes approximately 1½ - 2 hours to complete. The online training module is a pre-requisite for the CWCMS™ certification examination. Instructions for completion and online access are given to applicant upon application approval.

Content includes:
1.    Demographics and Economic Impact of Wounds
2.    Wound Care Consumers
3.    Wound Care Challenges in the Different Healthcare Market Segments
4.    Medicare Reimbursement
5.    Wound Care Sales Best Practices
6.    Dealing with Wound Care Consumers
7.    Communication with Physicians
8.    CWCMS™ Code of Ethics

Content of Examination
The CWCMS™ certification exam is an objective, multiple choice test consisting of up to 100 questions and is available in a paper & pencil format with a total testing time of two (2) hours.
The questions for the certification examination are prepared by the CWCMS™ Certification Committee and teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  The examination questions are written to assess cognitive levels of knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis related to skin and wound management along with industry ethics.  

The examination is weighted in approximately the following breakdown:

Skin Basics and Wound Etiology  10%
Tissue Management
Risk Identification and Prevention  10%
Wound Assessment  15%
Wound Healing and Monitoring
Treatment Recommendations
Legal, ethics, and policy