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Become a SPECIALIST in wound care, diabetic wound care or ostomy management.

Wound Care Education Institute® (WCEI) is the official course provider for the prestigious WCC®, DWC® and OMSTM board certifications.  Courses offer in-depth training for clinicians interested in advancing their knowledge and skills and will prepare candidates for the certification examination in their chosen specialty:

Skin and Wound Management Course and WCC® Certification Exam

Online or Onsite Classroom

This course offers an evidence-based approach to skin and wound management.  The curriculum was developed using current standards of care practices designed to keep clinicians legally defensible at bedside.  Taught by dynamic, highly energetic wound care certified instructors, students can expect to be engaged in an interactive environment.
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Diabetic Wound Management Course and DWC® Certification Exam

Online or Onsite Classroom

The diabetic wound management course focuses on overall diabetic wound care and the promotion of an optimal wound healing environment including prevention, limb salvage, therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions. This course is taught by a Board Certified DWC Physician that is passionate about caring for the diabetic patient.
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Ostomy Management Course and OMS Certification Exam

Home Study Modules and Onsite Classroom

This course was designed by a team of multidisciplinary clinicians, with input from patients and caregivers. The instruction will take you through the anatomy and physiology of the systems involved in fecal/urinary diversions.  Our instructors include a physician and nurses from diverse health care backgrounds, who are credentialed, dynamic and passionate about Ostomy Management.
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Certified Wound Care Market Specialist Course and CWCMS™ Certification Exam

Online or Onsite Classroom

The course focuses on the best practices in wound care, the science behind healing wounds, and the most current standards of practice.  The prestigious credential CWCMS™ (Certified Wound Care Market Specialist) is for Executive Leaders, Sales and Marketing professionals employed in the wound care industry.
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WCC® Recertification Course (no exam)

If you are already WCC but your certification is due to expire, you will need to re-certify. We offer both on-site and online recertification courses, no exam required.
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