Wild on Wounds Session Evaluation Process

1.  If you intend to claim Nurse or Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy credit, you will be required to provide State(s) of Licensure and License Number(s) before being allowed to evaluate/claim sessions for credit.   Please have your state license number(s) handy before proceeding to website.

                                   2.  You will need the username and   
                                   password that are on the back of your badge.

      2014 WOW Session Evaluation Site Will Go Live on September 17, 2014.


    WOW 2013 - Evaluation Link Click Here  -  Instructions Click Here
    WOW 2012 - Evaluation Link Click Here 
    WOW 2011 - Evaluation Link Click Here  -  Instructions Click Here

For questions or customer support, or to retrieve your username/password, please email:  techsupport@wcei.net.  You will receive a response within 24 hrs.