Online WCC® Recertification Course

Self-Paced Course Enrollment
Online recertification includes the following:
  1. 90 days of program access
  2. WCEI® Wound Care Manual in the mail (4-5 business days)
  3. NAWCO® recertification fees
  4. Clinical consultation support hotline
  5. Continuing education certificate
  6. "Alumni Only" access at WCEI® website
  Course Content and Agenda

Is Online Recertification Right For You?
  • Online recertification supports schedule flexibility
  • Online recertification can be accessed from anywhere
  • Online recertification is less costly than onsite recertification
  • You need a high level of self-motivation and self-discipline
  • You need a computer with Internet access and Adobe Flash. (This training is not designed for use on Androids.  I-devices require a special Flash-enabled browser.  See system requirements here.)
  • You need basic computer skills including Internet browsers and e-mail softwa

Registration Fee:  $800
Online WCC® Recertification Course (fee includes NAWCO® recertification fee)

  (Save on $30 application fee)                                                 ($30 application fee will apply)

Qualifications for Recertification
To qualify for recertification by training you must have an active current unrestricted professional healthcare license and WCC. Expiration dates are located on your WCC certificate and expire in 5 years. Applications for recertification will be accepted no earlier than 6 months prior to expiration of WCC credential and no later than postmark of expiration date.  

Accreditation Statements
The Skin and Wound Management Course© is approved by the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy™ Credentialing Board (NAWCCB®)