ONLINE Self Paced

This course is only available to WCEI Alumni who have previously taken the WCC® Skin & Wound Management course and simply need a refresher prior to exam.

$500 Tuition includes:
  1. 90 days of program access
  2. WCEI® Wound Care Manual shipped to you 4-5 business days
  3. Learning aides: glossary, sample questions
  4. Continuing Education Certificate
  5. Access to "Alumni Only" section of WCEI® website
  6. Clinical support hotline

Is Online Learning Right For You?
  • This format helps keep your schedule flexible
  • The course is web based and can be accessed from anywhere and any computer
  • This format allows you to stop and go or revisit slides
  • It's an opportunity to enhance your computer skills


  • You need basic computer skills and a high level of self-motivation.
  • You need a computer with Internet access and Adobe Flash. (This training is not designed for use on Androids. I-devices require a special Flash-enabled browser. See system requirements here.)

Accreditation Statements
The Skin & Wound Management Course© is approved by the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy™ Credentialing Board (NAWCOCB®), the credentialing arm of the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy.