WCEI® Mission

The mission and philosophy of WCEI is

  • To provide the highest quality wound and ostomy care education possible based on the most current standards of practice guidelines and evidence-based research.
  • To openly share knowledge by making WCEI’s training available to any health care professional seeking wound care education, and by not limiting the training to only nurses or those with bachelor’s degrees in nursing. Courses are open to RNs, LPNs, MDs, PTs, PTAs, OTs, NPs, and PAs.
  • To focus on practical, rather than theoretical knowledge.  WCEI teaches its students what they need to know to impact care at the bedside.
  • To offer ongoing support to students beyond certification and to be an ongoing resource for standards of care in the wound care education field.
  • To provide classes that are interesting, fun, high-energy and are taught by top-notch instructors.
  • To offer classes both in classroom and on-line to meet the needs of students for flexible scheduling.
  • To offer programs through-out the United States at various locations or at locations chosen by our customers for convenience, depending on class size.
  • To offer the prestigious (WCC®) Wound Care Certification, (DWC®) Diabetic Wound Certification and (OMS) Ostomy Management Specialist℠ are board certified credentials awarded by the (NAWCO®) National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy, to those who are eligible and pass the respective exam.  The WCC®, DWC® and OMS credentials helps to earn professional respect, career advancement and increased pay.

Why choose WCEI as your education provider: 
Over 20,000 licensed professionals have taken our courses. Reach out to our alumni on Facebook and ask them about their experience and feedback about the program. 

“The course was superbly organized, information presented in an excellent and interactive way. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive. I am very pleased with everything and will sincerely recommend the course to my colleagues.” M. Skobic, MD, WCC, LaCross, WI

“I want to thank you Gail, Scott and Nancy!!  Your enthusiasm, knowledge and passion really got me through this course!  Just wanted to say thank you!  I look forward to sharing my new knowledge with my peers, because my Veteran patients deserve great care.”  K. Mempin RN, BSN, WCC

“I just took the WCC class with Scott. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested. It was so fun and interesting. The best week of education I’ve experienced ever!!! Now I can help more people in the community and I’m so proud of this accomplishment!!!!!” A. Benton (get credentials)

“Love the Whole Crew That Educate at WCEI- Truly devoted staff and Real People who will help your Career Move Forward.”  S. Menchell (get credentials)

“Love WCEI!!! Here in Denton, TX for my 5yr recertification and Jennifer is a phenomenal instructor!!! If you love wounds, get certified and get the credentials to back your knowledge paired with the respect you deserve!!!” S. Gates (get credentials)