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Facebook Image Post


  • 600 x 600 pixels.
  • Images for ads in the carousel format have a square shape, unlike images in most other Facebook ad units, which tend to be more rectangular.
  • Note: You can crop your images as necessary while creating your carousel format ads.
  • Learn how to use the carousel format to showcase one long image (including how to size it).


Make your posts informative by giving "tips" and including links
The most appealing updates are ones that offer something. Don't disclose everything - this increases the likelihood that our audience will click. You are the product and service expert, share tips.

Engaging post
Ask questions to get engagement. Multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, and describe this picture in three words are all simple techniques that increase engagement.

Tell users what to expect
If you're posting a video or linking to a lengthy blog article, set your followers' expectations by telling them exactly how long it is so they know what to expect.
Always Include images
Posts with images get the highest amount of engagement on Facebook, so be sure to include one when you can. The perfect size is 800×600. Creating content is "king." The more original content you can create, the better.
Keep your posts mobile-friendly
Use simple imagery that can easily be seen on mobile devices - anywhere from 50-70% of our audience read your posts on their phones.

Always respond to posts
Posts aren't the only activities that grab attention - comments and responses are equally as important. Engage with people and build relationships through conversation. This includes being available to respond and addressing negative feedback.
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