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Slideshow and Video Specifications


Technical Requirements: Slideshow

Format: Please create and upload your slideshow to  LinkedIn SlideShare.  
  • For posting to the our clinical blog, provide the embed code
  • For posting to our social media accounts, provide the URL
If you do not have a SlideShare account and do not wish to create one, provide your presentation as a PDF and we will upload it to the WCEI SlideShare account.

Dimensions:  16:9 aspect ratio

Duration: No specific limit to the number of slides, but the file length must be under 300MB

Thumbnail:   Provide a still image that is 1.9:1  (for example, 1200 x 628px).  These are the proportions of a Facebook link ad. If you do not crop your image to these proportions Facebook will crop it for you in unpredictable and possibly undesirable ways.

While it may seem logical to use your title slide for your thumbnail, this image will will not be eligible for promotion on Facebook if it contains too much text.  You may need to reconfigure this slide to comply with Facebook's policies or choose another image.


Technical Requirements: Video

Format: .mp4 or .wmv

Dimensions: 16:9 aspect ratio (see Tips for Shooting Video for additional information)

Duration:  Ideally, under 2 minutes/512 MB to allow posting to Twitter. Videos longer than 2 minutes will be posted to Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube only.

Thumbnail:  Provide a 16:9 still image (.jpg or .png) to use as a custom thumbnail. This is what the audience will see before and after the video plays (see Tips for Shooting Video for additional information). This image will will not be eligible for promotion on Facebook if it contains too much text. 


Content (slideshow or video)

With the WCEI audience, we’ve had the most success with content that:
  •     Is interactive (such as quizzes)
  •     Is educational ("How to X " or "What’s the difference between Y and Z?").
  •     Dispels myths or explains how commonly observed practices are not current with the standards of care.  
  •     Introduces new and exciting breakthroughs in wound care

Call to Action (slideshow or video)

We can link a social post or blog back to the URL of your choosing.  Just be sure that any calls to action within your slideshow or video are identical to the post’s call to action.
Currently, FB provides these optional CTA buttons:
  •     Learn More
  •     Shop Now
  •     Sign Up
  •     Book Now
  •     Download

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