Skin and Wound Management - Live Online (4 Days)

4-Day LIVE ONLINE Skin and Wound Management course
Thank you for your registration. Details on how to access the Live Online course will be sent to you the Friday prior to class start. Kindly email [email protected]  if you do not receive your access.

IMPORTANT: These are instructor-led Live Online courses.  We do require you participate in the chat questions to validate attendance. All days must be completed to qualify for certification.
  • Please have GOOGLE CHROME installed on your computer. It’s the best browser for optimal experience.
  • Do not use Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or Safari, we have noted audio and webcam issues with those browsers. Another option is Firefox but Google is preferred.
  • CHECK YOUR INTERNET : You can run an internet speed test here:
    • Recommended internet bandwidth: 5 Mbps Up/Down or more
    • Minimum internet requirement: 1.6 Mbps Up/Down

NOTE: A workbook will be shipped to you prior to class start to the address you used when registering. If that is not the most current address, please email [email protected] to ensure your address is up to date to prevent a delay in delivery.

EXAM INFORMATION: Exam is available at a computer-based testing facilities or Online Proctored option. If testing with NAWCO®, you must register at or call 877-922-6292.
Monday  8:30am – 9:00am  Check-In / Registration 
Monday - Thursday  9:00am – 4:30pm  Classroom sessions 
EXAM QUESTIONS? Certification exams are offered by the credentialing boards at computer-based testing facilities or arrange for a live online proctored exam after course training concludes. To arrange the exam immediately after the course, you must get pre-qualified. Please Contact NAWCO® at 877.922.6292 with exam questions. 
After submitting your course registration, you will need to complete an application with your credentialing board.

Application and any exam fees due must be submitted promptly to give your credentialing board sufficient time to review and verify eligibility. Not doing so may impact your ability to sit for the exam or to use this course to meet recertification training criteria. 
Select your Day 1 to begin. Subsequent days will be offered in sequence (e.g. Day 4 after  Day 3, etc.) and within a 60-day period. 
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