Diabetic Foot Exam Made Easy

Webinar Topic: Diabetic Wound Care

Speaker: Bill Richlen, PT, WCC, DWC

CE Credit(s): 1.0

Length: 70 minutes

Price: 15

Webinar Description:
Clinical practiced guidelines recommend that all patients with diabetes should be screened annually at a minimum to establish their risk of foot ulceration and amputation. This one-hour webinar will provide step by step instructions and documentation forms for performing a comprehensive diabetic foot
screening based upon the American Diabetes Association® Foot Care Task Force guidelines. (The is a pre-recorded session).

About the Speaker:
A Licensed Physical Therapist, Bill has experience in advanced wound care consultations in long-term care, outpatient, skilled rehabilitation and home health. He has served as a clinical instructor for physical therapy students, been the Director of several large rehabilitation departments, and has been providing multi-disciplinary wound care education to nurses and therapists for over 17 years. His expertise in diverse settings enhance his role as a clinical instructor. Bill’s dynamic and captivating teaching style keep’s attendee’s attention throughout the course.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify 5 required components of a comprehensive diabetes foot exam
  2. Demonstrate diabetes monofilament sensory test

William Richlen, PT, WCC, DWC is owner of Infinitus, LLC, a wound care solutions company. He
disclosed that he is a speaker and independent contractor for Anacapa Technologies.
The planners of this course have declared no relevant conflicts of interest that relate to this
educational activity. Relias LLC guarantees this educational activity is free from bias.

Occupational Therapy Level and Content Focus
Content Level: Intermediate
Content Focus:
  • Domain of OT: Performance Skills
  • Domain of OT: Performance Patterns
  • Occupational Therapy Process: Evaluation
Course delivery format: Online noninteractive webinar
Instructional Method: Recorded webinar, PowerPoint, and Q&A
Revised: 2/21/2019
Expires: 2/21/2022

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