Nutrition: Wound Healing After Trauma

Webinar Topic: Nutrition

Speaker: Nancy Collins, PhD, RDN, LD, NWCC, FAND, NWCC

CE Credit(s): 1.0

Length: 60 minutes

Price: 10

Webinar Description:
Accidents, incidents, emergencies. You never know when they will strike yet full healing and recovery depends on timely and assertive treatment. This Free 1-hour webinar will describe the types of traumatic wounds and the basics of tissue regeneration, which cannot occur without adequate nutritional substrate. Both macro- and micronutrients will be reviewed as well as adjuvant therapies such as targeted amino acids.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Nancy Collins is a registered and licensed
dietitian based in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Collins is nationally known as a nutrition and  wound care expert as well as a medico-legal expert. Dr. Collins specializes in the interwoven issues of malnutrition, wound healing, and the standard of care, and has served as an expert witness in over 450 legal matters.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the process of tissue regeneration
  2. Estimate the macronutrients needed to sufficiently fuel healing
  3. Explain the functions of the amino acids that play a role inwound healing

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