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For Sales and Marketing Representatives: Gain a Competitive Edge with the Certified Wound Care Market Specialist® Course and CWCMS® Exam 

Looking to increase your organization’s revenue potential, enhance your customer base, and become more competitive? Transform your sales force into wound care specialists through WCEI’s Wound Care Market Specialist Certification® course.

Build your business by becoming a Certified Wound Care Market Specialist®

This onsite CWCMS® course, taught by upbeat and dynamic presenters, is designed for sales and marketing professionals in the wound care industry.  Instructors teach sales teams to confidently build business through demonstrated knowledge in:

  • Best practices in wound care
  • The science behind healing wounds
  • Current standards in practice

Your sales staff will not only retain what they learn, they will be able to immediately put new skills into practice, and give your organization that competitive edge.  The benefits of taking our onsite course include:

  • Quiet, dedicated time out of the office to really focus on wound care training
  • Real, practical and hands-on use of new tools and techniques
  • Opportunities to tackle subjects and questions outside of the standard course training
  • In class networking with healthcare professionals
  • Valuable feedback from the trainer and others in the group

Certified Wound Care Market Specialist® (CWCMS®) Certification Examination

The CWCMS® certification examination is offered by WCEI® on the final day of the onsite course. To sit for the examination, you must meet eligibility requirements.

Special Rate – Customized Training

Let WCEI® customize the skin and wound management course specifically for your sales, marketing, product development and engineering team.  With a minimum of 15 students, the course can be taken live in classroom or online. 
Or if you have a smaller group of two or more, we can offer a special tuition rate.  Students would participate in one of our public Skin and Wound Management course or the online course.

Contact us by completing the form below. 

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Tuition Cost

Tuition Rate

$2,397 Individual Student

Examination fees: $380.  After registering for the course, you will be directed to complete the exam application.

Group Code: A group code identifies a course tuition rate for organizations who have an agreement with WCEI®. The code is given to individuals associated with the organization who are taking a course. The code, if applicable, must be used when registering for the course.

Included with Tuition

  • Onsite classroom training
  • WCEI® Skin and Wound Management course workbook
  • Learning aides: glossary, sample questions and more
  • Pre-exam certification review (course review)
  • Exclusive access to resource materials
  • Networking lunches (at most locations)

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Four-Day Course

Days 1 - 4 9:00AM - 4:30PM Classroom Training
Day 5 8:00AM - 11:00AM For your convenience, the National Alliance of
Wound Care and Ostomy® administers the
certification examination at most course
locations the day after the course concludes.
Contact NAWCO at 877-922-6292 for
exam-related questions.


  • Section 1    Principles of Practice
  • Section 2    Skin and Underlying Structures
  • Section 3    Wound Assessment
  • Section 4    Wound Healing
  • Section 5    Wound Bed Preparation
  • Section 6    Nutrition
  • Section 7    Topical Wound Management
  • Section 8    Lower Extremity Ulcers
  • Section 9    Pressure Ulcers
  • Section 10  Acute Wounds
  • Section 11  Other Wounds
  • Section 12  Therapeutic Interventions & Modalities
  • Section 13  Practice Development

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how standards of care, evidence-based practice and a multidisciplinary wound care team can affect clinical choices in wound management.
  • Discuss the basic anatomy and physiology of the skin.
  • Identify at least five parameters required for accurate wound assessment.
  • Identify pressure ulcer stages according to NPUAP guidelines.
  • Identify five factors which enhance or impede the wound healing process.
  • Explain four types of basic principles of wound bed preparation.
  • Identify three major components of a nutritional assessment for optimizing wound healing.
  • Identify four different categories for topical wound management.
  • Select treatment options based upon wound assessment, etiology and goal of wound care.
  • Differentiate arterial, neuropathic and venous ulcers in terms of causative factors, pathophysiology, appearance and principles of management.
  • Describe three factors involved in development of a pressure ulcer and interventions to prevent their occurrence.
  • Describe at least five interventions that optimize acute surgical wound healing.
  • Differentiate between wound etiologies and clinical manifestations of acute and traumatic wounds.
  • Differentiate types of burns and principles of management.
  • Select treatment options, and differentiate between wound etiologies and clinical manifestations of chronic, malignant and inflammatory wounds.
  • Discuss three adjunctive treatment modalities that enhance wound healing.
  • Discuss current multidisciplinary care approaches to wound care.
  • Discuss components required for accurate wound documentation.
What Others Say Matters
“I have been working in the Wound and Ostomy Field since I obtained my WCC. As the full time Wound Ostomy Team member (working with two WOCNs), I have been told on numerous occasions from physicians that I am considered to be a colleague. I have won over even the hardest physicians with my assessment, treatment and skills! Nothing feels better than earning that kind of respect. Thank you to WCEI for opening the door! I just stepped though and my life has been changed forever!”
Rachel Pacheco, RN, CWCS, DAPWC, WCC
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