Google Chrome Embeds Adobe Flash But Disables It

You must enable Adobe Flash within the browser.  The following talks you through it.

Here's a short video that demonstrates these instructions. Use the "ZZsquare.JPG " button to expand to full size if needed.
  • Step 1 – Start by clicking the "Secure" icon while in  If it is a little "i" within a circle, click that instead.
  • Step 2 - Clicking "Secure" (or the "i" icon) will drop down a menu with "Site Settings" as an option.  Click Site Settings.
  • Step 3 –"Site Settings" will have many options.  Set Location and Flash to Allow.
  • Step 4 – Return to the WCEI tab (at the top of your screen) and refresh the page with the circular arrow icon.  Your video should play.
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