Financial Options

Credit Card Prepayment Program (CCPP)

WCEI® works with students to allow them to make multiple credit card payments toward a course.  When registering for a course:
  • Select the Credit Card Pay Later option and indicate the amount you anticipate paying and click Submit Payment
  • When you are ready to make a payment, from your dashboard click on the Payment Pending located in the section Incomplete Registrations.
  • Click on the Make a Credit Card Payment.
  • In the Amount to Pay Now box enter the tuition amount that you would like to pay now.
  • You may come back as many times as you need to make payments in any amount with any accepted credit card. 
You will receive periodic email reminders that a balance remains on your account.  Additionally, the balance due will be reflected on your dashboard.
The following applies to this payment method:
  • Your seat is not guaranteed until final payment is received.
  • In the event the course fills up before full payment is received, you may request a refund or a transfer to another course without penalty.
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