How Can I Attend the 2020 Virtual Wild on Wounds (WOW) Conference for Free?

Register for one of the three certification courses held September 24 - 27, 2020 in Las Vegas and attend WOW 2020 for FREE ($75 value*):

  • Does not apply to the online course or live online course
  • Must meet the credentialing board’s eligibility requirements (Wound Care, Diabetic Wound Care and Ostomy)
  • Cannot be combined with other codes or discounts

Skin and Wound Management Course

Advanced Clinical Knowledge That Inspires And Changes Lives
Tuition Rate: $2,797 Individual Rate; $1,297 Recertification Rate

4-DAY ONSITE COURSE (certification exam offered on the 5th day)
The Skin and Wound Management course offers an evidence-based approach to wound management and current standards of practice to keep clinicians legally defensible at the bedside.  This course prepares you for the certification exam, and reinforces knowledge with real-world, practical skin and wound management training that can be used in your practice immediately.  Become a wound care expert and continuously improve with access to alumni resources and best practices from clinicians across the country.



Ostomy Management Course

Dramatically Improve Outcomes for Underserved Ostomy Patients
Tuition Rate: $2,697 Individual Rate; ; $1,597 Recertification Rate
                       $2,297  WCEI® Alumni Rate

4-DAY ONSITE COURSE (certification exam offered on the 5th day)
The Ostomy Management course focuses on the treatment, therapy and counseling for individuals before, during and after a fecal or urinary diversion. The goal is to provide a patient-centered plan of care. The course offers hands-on workshops. Online pre-course modules are completed before the class.


Diabetic Skin and Wound Management Course

Save Lives and Limbs
Tuition Rate: $2,597 Individual Rate

4-DAY ONSITE COURSE (certification exam offered on the 5th day)
Gain the advanced clinical knowledge and confidence to make a significant difference in diabetic wound outcomes in your practice. Becoming a diabetic wound manager can help you save the lives and limbs of patients in your care. Be inspired and see dramatic improvements in your abilities with this WCEI® onsite Diabetic Skin and Wound Management course.

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