Booth Size        
(early rate by 3/31/18)
(rate after 3/31/18)

Single 10x10



Double 20x10



Island 20x20





All exhibit booths include the following:
  • 8' high back wall and 3' high side rails – Royal Blue
  • One 6' skirted (white) table (10x10) Two tables for double and island
  • 2 chairs, 1 wastebasket
  • Room is already carpeted
  • 7"x44" one-line identification sign
  • Badge/lunch for (2), (4), (8), based on booth size
  • Access to WOW Pool Party Thursday evening from 7-10pm
  • Pre and Post list of "opt-in" attendees for marketing purposes

Additional Representative Badge/Lunch Tickets


Purchase a copy of the WOW session workbook

$  20/each

Send Your VIP Customers to WOW



Questions or need additional information? Please call Diana at 888-318-8536 or email

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