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This form indicates the policies and regulations set forth as part of the contract for exhibiting and sponsorship with Relias®, Wound Care Education Institute® and Wild On Wounds® Productions Inc. hereinafter referred to as WOW, for the WOW conference being held September 11-14, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. WOW reserves the sole right to render all interpretations, to amend and enforce these policies and regulations, and to establish all further regulations not specifically covered below to assure the general success and wellbeing of the conference. WOW reserves the right to decline, prohibit, and/or deny any exhibit or sponsorship that in its sole judgment is contrary to the character, objectives, and best interests of the conference or suitable for its attendee audience.

CANCELLATION BY EXHIBITOR: In the event an exhibitor needs to cancel all or part of the exhibit space, WOW shall assess cancellation fees as follows: • Prior to June 1, 2019, a full refund of monies received will be issued, less a $300 administrative fee. Sponsorship cancellations will be addressed on an individual basis due to marketing commitments and timelines. • Cancellations must be submitted in writing to [email protected]. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE FOR CANCELLATIONS AFTER JUNE 1, 2019, No exceptions.

SECURITY: WOW will provide around the clock security to control access to the exhibit hall by the general public beginning Wednesday, September 11th 8:00am to Friday, September 13th at 1:30pm. WOW and the Paris Hotel are not responsible for loss of or damage to exhibitor property. Exhibitors will be required to secure their stations before leaving and to display proper credentials to gain access to the floor. When exhibit hall is closed, exhibitors will not be allowed into the exhibit hall without prior permission.
ELECTRICAL POWER AND UTILITIES: Rates and data on electrical power, internet, telephone connections, etc., will be provided in the Exhibitor Service Manual from Freeman.
EXHIBIT COORDINATOR: The official decorating company (Freeman Co.) will direct and manage all the following services and will have a service desk in operation at the time of installation and dismantle: • exhibitor service manual distribution • furnishings • labor • rent or exhibit displays • signage • material handling services • outbound shipping services. Any other exhibit questions can be directed to: [email protected].
EXHIBIT HALL CEILING HEIGHT: The ceiling height in the exhibit hall is 30 feet. No hanging sign or booth display may exceed 8 feet in height, except for island booths and perimeter booths, which cannot exceed 12 feet in height. Only island booths are permitted to have hanging signs, and those signs cannot exceed 20 feet in height. We do require that all hanging signs be submitted with specs for approval and must ship to the advance warehouse and may not ship to show site direct. This will allow proper installation. Large exhibits may request early set-up on Tuesday September 10th. Please coordinate with Freeman.
SUBLETTING OF SPACE: The exhibitor agrees that the display will be confined to the area of space reserved and that subletting or showing products other than those manufactured or represented by the exhibitor or those that have not been pre-approved by WOW management is strictly prohibited. We do not allow booth sharing.
ARRANGEMENT OF EXHIBITS: The exhibitor agrees to manage his/her exhibits so as not to obstruct or interfere in any way with the general view, the view of the exhibits of other exhibitors, or the free passage of spectators. The decision of WOW as to what constitutes such obstruction or interferences will be final.
CARE OF SPACE: The exhibitor agrees not to deface, injure, or mar the exhibition hall or any of the furniture or fixtures contained therein, and/or any of the property of whatever nature placed therein or any of the exhibit booths. The exhibitor will be liable to WOW and/or Convention Center for any damage resulting to such exhibition hall, furniture and fixtures contained therein, and/or such property placed therein by WOW, which will occur by reason of the commission or omissions of any exhibitor and/or its agents, servants, or employees. The exhibitor will defend and hold harmless Relias, Wound Care Education Institute and WOW from all claims and suits against WOW Conference arising from the aforesaid commissions or omissions of the exhibitor, their agents, servants, or employees. All material used by exhibitors must conform to the requirements of the Fire Department of Las Vegas, NV.
LIABILITY: WOW will not be liable for any damages if performance of this contract is rendered impossible for any of the following causes: destruction of the exhibit hall or any substantial portion thereof by fire, earthquake, the elements, a public enemy, strikes or other public disorder, impossibility of performance created by lay or any public authority, and/or for any cause beyond its control or the control of the Paris Hotel.
CHILDREN: Under no circumstances will children under the age of 18 be allowed in the exhibit hall during installation or dismantle. For reasons of insurance children are not permitted on the show floor at any time. Because of limited seating capacity and the highly sensitive nature of the programs, children under the age of 18 are not invited to attend presentations. Access to the exhibit hall is by paid registration only.
SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Please ship early and prepay all transportation charges. Collect shipments will not be accepted and all shipments should be labeled with return address. Additional shipping instructions and labels will be provided in the decorating kit through Freeman. All shipments should be packed securely and fully prepaid. Bills of lading should be forwarded to the drayage agent when shipment is made. Each exhibitor agrees to ship his/her materials at the company’s own risk and expense. WOW will not be responsible for any exhibitor shipping fees.
SHOW CONDUCT: All booths must be uniform. Interviews, demonstrations, and distribution of literature or samples must be made within the booth area assigned to the exhibitor unless other arrangements have been made through show management. Canvassing or distributing of promotional  materials outside the exhibitor’s own booth will not be permitted. Solicitation of exhibitors by competing organizations of WOW is not permitted. Exhibitors may not serve or dispense food or beverages of any type from their booths or in the exhibit area without the consent of WOW. No part of the display including products is permitted outside the exhibit space unless prior arrangements have been made. Products and furnishings should be arranged with the safety of the exhibitors and attendees in mind. Each exhibitor must make provisions for the safeguarding of his goods, materials, equipment, and display at all times. The exhibit hall will be secure during closed hours, but neither WOW or the Paris Hotel will be held liable for personal injuries or for damage to property owned or controlled by the exhibitor in the rented exhibition space. The exhibitor will indemnify and hold Relias, WOW and Paris Hotel harmless against all such claims. In providing our services, in particular hosting events, any reasonable instruction given to you by us or our suppliers must be followed. In the event that you or your staff fail to follow our reasonable instructions, resulting in loss or damage, you will be liable for said loss or damage.

Relias, WOW and WCEI does not accept any liability for non-completion of an event or for any delays arising as a result of strikes, riots or lockouts, adverse weather conditions, loss,
damage or cancellation due to fire, flood or any other cause beyond its control.
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