Frequently Asked Questions

Poster Abstract Submission and Presentations

Q: What is a poster?:
A: A poster is a visual presentation that illustrates the processes and results of your project, or explores and analyzes a concept related to human subjects research. A poster must clearly articulate the question or problem you are addressing, provide a description of how you addressed the question or problem, and an explanation of how the work contributes to the field of advancing ethical research. Posters should include text and illustrative elements such as tables, graphs, or photographs.

Q: Do I need to be a certified Wound professional to submit a poster abstract?
A: No. However, if you are interested in taking the certification course,  WCEI conducts certification courses that take place during the conference. Please note these courses fo not interfere with poster presentation time.  If interested, visit the Course Calendar or you can also find a class in your area.

Q: What if I don't yet have data/results for my poster abstract, but will by the time of the conference?
If your submission is incomplete it may run the risk of being declined by the committee. 

Q: Is there a word limit on poster abstract submissions?
A: Yes. The submission form allows up to 300 words for the body of an abstract. See the submission guidelines on this page for word counts for each section. The abstract title, authors, subsection headings are not included in this word count.

Q: Are there opportunities to present the poster in an oral presentation?
A: No, there is not an allocation "presentation" time.  You are able to stand at your poster during thee open hours and present to individuals that are viewing your poster.

Q: When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?
A: Notifications for abstracts submitted by June 30, 2019 will be emailed by July 31, 2019.

Q: Are all abstract authors required to register for the conference?
A: If a poster is accepted, at least one author or a designated representative should register if they would like to attend sessions and the events. 

Q: What are the most frequent reasons for abstracts not being accepted?
A: Reasons why poster abstracts are not accepted include, but are not limited to:
  • The abstract submission form was not completed in full (i.e., sections were missing).
  • The methods used were not adequate to collect data, not enough information was provided on the sample size, and/or the sample size was too small to justify conclusions drawn from the methods used (where applicable).
  • A program assessment or data was not included.
  • The submission was late.
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