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What makes a good testimonial? An experience with measurable results is the best testimonial.

 Examples of measurable results:
  • My wound care team, which consists of a Dietitian, Therapist, and eight Nurses, became wound care certified last year after attending a WCEI course together. After the training, we worked together to implement a wound care program and are now experiencing an average of 23 days to heal a wound.” Maria L., RN, MHA, WCC; Outcomes Manager, Dallas TX
  • “The practical training and tools that I received during the Skin and Wound Management course was key to the development a new wound care program. Because of this, I am proud to share that my facility recently earned a 5-star quality rating from CMS for quality care.” Shelly T., RN, BSN, WCC; Wound Care Director, Memphis TN

In situations where it is hard to measure results, you can still share a compelling story with powerful outcomes.

  • Going to Wild on Wounds was well worth the trip. The speakers at WOW have so much insight but the Hands-on workshops are my favorite part. I now feel armed with the knowledge and resources I need to move forward in my practice." Alex B., LPN, WCC, Glenside PA   
  • “The support I receive from the WCC alumni is immeasurable. Feedback from other WCCs helped me identify the cause of high level exudate that was keeping my patient in a chronic wound status. With the group’s help, I was able to identify a different product that is working after several other products that should have worked. I am grateful for the alumni resources that WCEI provides.” Bethany C., RN, WCC, Boston MA
  • “I am both CWS and WCC certified and I find that it takes a team approach to heal a wound. WCEI’s Skin and Wound Management course has allowed the LPNs and therapists on our team to also have an impact on our patients’ healing rates.” Joy R., RN, BSN, CWS, WCC, Chicago IL
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