Why Choose WCEI? 

WCEI has over 40,000 students that have successfully been wound care certified or recertified after taking one of our courses. Here’s why our students chose WCEI as their premier trusted wound care education provider: 

  • Premium Content: Our course content is updated and reviewed by industry professionals at a minimum of every three years. We pride ourselves on having the most current, up to date course content in the industry.  
  • ​Courses for all lifestyles: WCEI offers courses in a variety of options to suit your lifestyle, including Live, Live Online, and Self-Paced. 
  • Learner Supportive Platform: Our wound care courses are hosted on the propriety Relias Live Learning Management System.

  • Flexible Payment Options: We offer a variety of flexible payment options through Affirm.

  • Continuous learning: We provide continuing education throughout your career.


Benefits of WCEI Wound Care Training 

1. Improve patient outcomes 

  • Accurate assessment & staging  

  • Improved patient safety  

  • Increased patient satisfaction  

  • Improve healing & lower incident rates by incorporating current standards of care  


2. ​Increase reimbursements and cost savings 

  • Excellent wound management education
  • Avoid penalties
  • Product placement & utilization  
  • Wound prevention  
  • Risk mitigation & legally defensible at bedside  ​

3. Employer of choice 

  • Educational & certification opportunities  
  • Higher retention & lower turnover rates  
  • Increased communication 
  • Culture of synergy, collaboration, & teamwork  

4. Increase referrals and market differentiation 

  • Center for Wound Care Excellence  
  • Wound expert  
  • Right treatment for the right patient for the right amount of time  
  • Trusted provider 

How wound care education improves outcomes 

Improve treatment timing 

WCEI offers best-in-class education, providing staff with the critical knowledge to correctly and quickly assess, stage, & treat pressure injuries (PIs) and reduce time per case.  

Customers interviewed reported a 15% reduction in time to assess, stage, document, and treat PIs. 


Reduce Risk for Medicare Readmission Penalty (constraining revenue)

Customers interviewed reported a 10% reduction in Medicare readmission penalty (constraining revenue)  

Increase Reimbursements

WCEI provides staff with the critical knowledge to improve documentation practices, supporting more appropriate coding, increase the opportunity for higher complexity cases and greater patient satisfaction, all of which enable higher reimbursement rates.  



Accredited Wound Care Certification Programs

WCEI offers accredited wound care certification courses for wound care professionals. Our wound care training courses benefit nurses, dieticians, physicians, and practitioners of physical therapy and occupational therapy. View our full course accreditation information below.

View Accreditations


The credentials are important to me, because it means that I've have earned the respect of my peers and the doctors. It also has increased my pay.
Judy Gallien, LPN, WCC, CWCA, OMS
Daytona Beach, FL
It means a lot for me to have that credential behind my name. It means that physicians, other nurses, they see me as an expert. I'm a go-to person now when it comes to all things wounds.
Missy Wadford, RN, WCC, OMS, Wound Program Director
Jackson, MS
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