Advanced Clinical Knowledge That Inspires And Changes Lives

Our accredited wound care courses do more than just prepare you for the board certification examinations. They help you build advanced clinical knowledge that leads to long-lasting benefits - for yourself and your patients. They provide you the real-world, practical wound care training that can be used in your practice immediately. Become an expert in current standards of care, and continuously improve with access to alumni resources and best practices from clinicians across the country.


Our Wound Care Training Courses


Available wound care certification prep courses include Wound Care (WCC®), Diabetic Wound Care (DWC®), and Ostomy Management Specialist (OMS®). Onsite and online options are available. The onsite course gives you dedicated time away from work to really focus on your wound care training and interact with peers and the trainer directly. The online course presents the same great information but eliminates the need to take time off work. You'll have 180 days to complete the online course when and where it best fits your schedule.

Once you complete your courses, the exam and certification is through the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy® (NAWCO). NAWCO is accredited by the NCCA, ensuring that your certification meets modern standards of practice. The certifications are also magnet-recognized.

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Accredited Wound Care Certification Programs

WCEI offers accredited wound care certification courses for wound care professionals. Our wound care training courses benefit nurses, dieticians, physicians, and practitioners of physical therapy and occupational therapy. View our full course accreditation information below.

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The credentials are important to me, because it means that I've have earned the respect of my peers and the doctors. It also has increased my pay.
Judy Gallien, LPN, WCC, CWCA, OMS
Daytona Beach, FL
It means a lot for me to have that credential behind my name. It means that physicians, other nurses, they see me as an expert. I'm a go-to person now when it comes to all things wounds.
Missy Wadford, RN, WCC, OMS, Wound Program Director
Jackson, MS

Wound Care Training Designed to Improve Patient and Career Outcomes

WCEI® Wound Care Training Makes a Difference

At WCEI®, we offer a variety of online and onsite wound care and ostomy educational programs including certification preparation courses, seminars, live webinars and on demand webinars. Our programs help support clinicians in their every day practice and can help prepare them to pursue a wound care or ostomy certification.

  • Better Wound Care Training: WCEI® courses go beyond the classroom to deepen your understanding with real-world, practical knowledge that truly drives results.
  • Better Knowledge Retention:  Instructors break down information and present in an interactive, exiting format that keeps you and your staff engaged and makes learning and retaining content easier.  
  • Better Patient Outcomes: WCEI® provides you with the most current, evidence-based education which equips you to take the board certification and to more accurately assess, document and identify skin and wound issues, and create appropriate and comprehensive patient treatment plans.

Course Options to Fit Your Learning Style

Not only is WCEI® wound care training designed to motivate, inspire and capture your attention, we offer both onsite and online courses and events to fit your learning and lifestyle needs. All are designed to teach and engage in meaningful ways, elevate your expertise and improve patient outcomes. Which one is right for you?

Onsite courses. These classroom-style options are live, in-person, and held in various locations throughout each year. With charismatic, certified instructors leading the way, you'll gain real-world, practical knowledge that can be taken back home and applied the minute you walk into your work facility.

Online courses.  Accessible on your own laptop or computer, online courses are convenient and self-paced - you get to learn and study whenever and wherever you want. Fully narrated (and never boring), they are replicas of our onsite courses, complete with questions and answers at the end of each module. Find out more about our Learning Management System under each online course description.

Seminars. Our motivational wound management seminars cover the latest breakthroughs and up-to-date standards of care, and are held in various locations throughout the year. Featuring energetic and certified presenters, these one-day opportunities pack a powerful punch - delivering need-to-know information that serves to inspire and educate with impact.

Webinars. Whether they're live or on-demand, webinars provide vital opportunities for healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest clinical standards and best practices. We call them our learn-it-today-use-it-tomorrow options that elevate your expertise and help you gain better skills (and continuing education contact hours). 

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