The 2017 Wipeout Wounds tour started in March in Boston, MA and ended in May in Tempe, AZ.  Over 2,500 healthcare professionals attended one of the tour locations.

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Throughout the year, WCEI® offers seminars, Wild On Wounds national wound conference, live webinars and on-demand webinars.  If you would like to receive upcoming event information, get connected with us by creating a FREE user account.

Stuck in a Healing Rut? 

This seven-hour interactive conference is for clinicians who want healing solutions for chronic wounds now! Learn today, and use it tomorrow.

Healing One Chronic Wound at a Time

Take control of wound healing by learning about new strategies, tools and products that can accelerate the healing process and produce positive wound outcomes. Master new assessment skills, and learn how to identify complications that are found with pressure, diabetic, venous and arterial ulcers. Amp up your care plans with new interventions to get these chronic wounds off your “list,” and see-touch-feel as you rotate through hands-on stations with industry experts.


$60 per person (limited seating at each location)

Plus Bonus Tools! You'll also receive checklists, care plans, patient education handouts, algorithms for support surface selection and much more! In addition, you'll be eligible to enter a drawing to win one free registration to the Wild On Wounds annual conference.

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