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Our online training programs in real-time offer continuing education contact hours that highlight the latest clinical standards and practical solutions to manage wounds.  Select an upcoming live webinar* for more details, including the cost and CE offered.

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Upcoming Live Webinars


9:00 AM PST
11:00 AM CST
12:00 PM EST

Clinical and Lifestyle Concerns with an Ostomy
Speaker: Joy Hooper, RN, BSN, CWOCN, OMS, WCC, Clinical Instructor
From stomal complications to skin care tips and Dx self-management, this FREE webinar will cover the most common clinical and lifestyle concerns with an ostomy. Covers post-discharge ostomy resources, peristomal skin care, ostmy products for swimming and athletics that extend wear time and more.
12:00 PM PST
2:00 PM CST
3:00 PM EST

Venous Wound Care: Compression is not enough
Bryan Groleau COTA/L, CLT-LANA, WCC, LLE, CLWT, National Senior Clinical Education Manager - Lymphedema & Wound Care at medi USA
This 1- hour FREE webinar reviews the physiology of proper vein function and the etiological breakdown of vein disease. The focus of the topic is to consider the disease behind a leg ulcer and the vital role that compression plays in wound healing, prevention, and decreasing the frequency of recurrence. The indications for various compression levels and types along with knowing the importance of choosing the correct compression that best stimulates venous return will be highlighted.
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