Why Certify?

The Value of Wound Care Certification Courses from WCEI 

Perspective on Certification Tuition

Your investment in a WCEI® certification course prepares you to pursue wound care or ostomy credentials and gives you in-depth clinical knowledge that will help you improve patient outcomes and remain legally defensible at the bedside.

As you consider your wound care, ostomy management, or diabetic wound course options, the tuition rate is one of other factors to consider:

Will the teaching style meet your learning needs?

  • Look for engaging, interactive instruction geared toward different learning styles.
  • Relevant and practical information will keep you interested if it's based on current standards of care, best practices, and real-world situations.
  • Course content that is designed for maximum retention will properly prepare you for the exam.

Will the course material be practical to your practice?

  • A deeper dive into the details will lead to a broader knowledge base, so you can apply what you learn across a wider variety of scenarios.

What is included in the course tuition?

  • Onsite classroom training or self-paced learning with access to course modules for 180 days
  • Continuing education contact hours upon completion
  • WCEI® course workbook
  • Learning aides: glossary, sample questions, and more
  • Pre-exam certification review (course review)
  • Exclusive access to resource materials

What benefits and support are offered after the course and certification exam?

Once you complete a WCEI® skin and wound care, diabetic wound, or ostomy management course you will have access to an amazing array of ongoing benefits that are free or low-cost, including:  

Learn about ways to offset your tuition costs, and get more detail about wound care courses that meet your professional goals.

Education through WCEI® doesn’t just make sense for your career — it changes the lives of your patients for years to come.

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