About WCEI

Why Choose WCEI® for Advanced Clinical Education?

WCEI® offers a variety of courses, seminars and webinars, including a wound care management course, ostomy management course, and diabetic wound management course.  Programs deliver comprehensive value, can provide a significant return on your investment, and a positive impact on patient care.  

Exceptional Content that Delivers Results

Educational programs are developed using evidence-based research and current standards of care. This means that from each event you’ll learn new information ready for practical use in a variety of clinical settings.
Earning your certification after taking a WCEI® course makes you more employable, and often leads to higher wages and greater career advancement over time. But most importantly, it changes the lives of your patients. After completing a WCEI® wound care, ostomy, or diabetic wound management course, participants have the tools to:
  • Help improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce re-hospitalization rates
  • Improve consumer and patient confidence

Fun and Engaging Delivery that Boosts Retention

WCEI® courses are fun, engaging, and highly interactive.  Passionate instructors are dedicated to teaching to a higher standard of wound care.
Courses are designed to be uniquely multidisciplinary, appeal to a variety of learning styles, and boost information retention over the long-term.  Students are prepared to take the certification exams and put their advanced clinical knowledge into practice.

Free Lifetime Resources for Alumni

Once you complete a WCEI® skin and wound care, diabetic wound or ostomy management course you will have access to an amazing array of ongoing benefits that are free or low cost including:
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