How to Complete A Wild On Wounds Session Evaluation

In order to receive credit for attended WOW sessions, you will need to complete a session evaluation.
Check out the Instructional video below on how to complete your evaluations.

Before you begin: 

  1. Have your License Number(s) ready before proceeding to evaluate/claim sessions. 
  2. Username is the email address used when registering for WOW.
  3. Password is wcei (all lower case). 
  4. Click on video below for a quick demo on evaluation site.
  5. To access past WOW events, click on the year below.
  6. Download basic instructions here

To Access Your Certificate, Select Year Attended       

For questions or customer support, or to retrieve your username/password, please email woundcaresupport@relias.com. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
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