Financial Options

Ways to Finance Your Education

Wound Care Education Institute® provides comprehensive online and nationwide onsite courses in the fields of wound care, ostomy and diabetic wound care.
The following list of services can assist in funding course tuition. Don’t let wound care certification costs stand in your way. Contact a WCEI® financial advisor to find out how you can cover or offset tuition costs by calling 877-462-9234, or emailing


Affirm is a company that offers loans for online purchases with fixed monthly payments terms.

Credit Card Prepayment (CCP) Program

This CCP program allows students to make multiple credit card payments, using one or more cards toward a course.  The program is designed to meet the financial needs of the student.  As long as the course is paid in full by the start date, there are no minimum payments, and payment dates are flexible.  Most major credit cards are accepted.

Military Spousal Assistance (MyCAA)

MyCAA funding gives eligible military spouses the opportunity to train for portable jobs in growing career fields. WCEI® is an approved educational institution with the MyCAA. Learn more about MyCAA.

Student Loans

Contact your local bank for information on educational loans.

Tuition Agreement

If your employer does not have a tuition assistance program, utilize this agreement to negotiate reimbursement terms.

Tuition Tax Write-Off

If you are traveling to a conference or continuing education event related to your practice, you may be able to write off your expenses.


Many organizations or state programs will include education benefits with unemployment packages. Contact your unemployment representative to determine your eligibility and request necessary application forms. It is important that you contact WCEI® once you have received approval notification, because each state's payment process varies.

Unrestricted Education Grants

Contact your facility supervisor and/or purchasing department about unrestricted education grants. Grants are provided through contracted wound care suppliers and/or vendors. WCEI® receives tuition payments directly from the supplier/vendor. Consider these:

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