Technical Difficulties Troubleshooting


If you have difficulties with blank screens, no volume or modules that don't automatically advance, you are likely using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Both are problematic with elearning.  Your problems can be resolved by switching to Google Chrome.


If you have any of the following difficulties with your webinar, you are likely experiencing an Adobe Flash failure. 
  • Your webinar states “Error loading player: No playable sources found”
  • Your webinar has video but no audio, or audio but no video.
  • Your webinar screen is simply blank.
Adobe Flash is now embedded in most browsers but disabled by default.  Browser companies change their procedures for enabling Flash with some regularity.  Using a search tool in your browser, search for instructions on enabling Adobe Flash in your specific browser.  For example, at, search for "Enabling Adobe Flash on Mozilla Firefox."
If you continue to have difficulties contact us at the Live Chat or Contact Us links shown immediately below.
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